Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Cranky Dead?

Many of you are aware of Cranky, the first age relevant search engine. I have used it at demonstrations and workshop presentations for over a year. Beginning in October 2008, I could no longer get any results from a search. I tried it on several computers but to no avail. Finally, I submitted a questions to Cranky (Eons), and after several weeks this is the response:

"Thank you for writing to the Eons Help Team. Currently, the Help Team is experiencing an unusually high number of help requests. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you and really appreciate your patience.

Eons is contemplating how best to use the site, but for the time being we have temporarily suspended its functionality. We apologize for the inconvenience. I will forward your desire to use the search engine to our Product Team. Thank you for your message!"

So, in my opinion not a great way to run a search engine! What do you think? Should they bring Cranky back?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alzheimer's Poetry Project

Sitting in the doctor's office yesterday, I picked up the latest edition of Caregiver's Magazine. In it was a short article on the Alzheimer's Poetry Project: Sparking Memories With Poetry.

"The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project is a simple idea: read classic poems to the patients that they might have learned as children. APP finds, even in the late stages of the disease, that people can remember words and lines from poems from their youth. Reciting poetry helps spark memories."

When I was at the Service to the Aging Program of the Brooklyn Public Library, we developed a program called "Words and Memories," which uses poetry, song and story to "help spark memories." So, even after 15 years we were on the right track.

Library staff that provides programming to nursing homes are often the unsung heroes of the staff. This is not an easy job to do. I know for I have done it almost my entire library career. But the enthusiasm from the residents make it all worthwhile. Doesn't it?

You can contact the Alzheimer's Poetry Project as follows:

Contact APP

Please direct all inquiries to:

Gary Glazner
Founder and Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Poetry Project
310 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Libraries, Older Adults and Technology" October 2008

"Libraries, Older Adults and Technology," was a series of workshops which I presented during October 2008 sponsored by the State Library of Missouri. Here pictured are the group photo from our session in Warrenburg, MO. The complete presentations are now loaded and can be found on along with additional presentation. To look and download the presentations, click here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Multi-District Workshop, Part 5: Marketing

Marketing From the Inside—OUT!
Senior Edition!!!
Multi-District Workshop
September 9, 2009
Marketing From the Inside--OUT

• Marketing Begins With YOU
• With Every Staff Member
• With Every Board Member
• With Every “Friend” of the Library
• With Every Customer You Serve
Marketing from the Inside--OUT
• Get Your Message Across Clearly
• Have it be Understood
• Have it Remembered
• Have it Reminded
• Have it in Different Forms/Formats
• Have it in Different Languages
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Senior Population

• 3 Generations
• Baby Boomers
• Older Adults
• Elderly
• Friends & Family
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Different Formats
• Different Ways to Market
• New Technology and Old Technology
• Print vs. Non-Print

Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Basic Marketing
• Programs Ratio: 1 Program=20 Marketing Hours
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Loyal Customer
• Marketing in the Library:
• Flyers
• Posters
• Bookmarks
• Check-out Slips
• Program Information Table
• Bulletin Boards
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Monthly Calendar of Events
• Newsletter
• News Releases to the Local Newspapers

• These tips would work for all 3 generations as long as they set foot in the library…..

Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Staff

• Word of Mouth in the Library
• Sharing Programs/Services with Customers without Asking
• Lobby Table Staffed
• Staff Roaming the Library…..TALKING to Customers……
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Don’t Forget SIZE! Yes, SIZE Matters!

• Catch Their Eye:
• Clear, Clean, Large Enough to Read
• Paper Color Can be a Problem
• Information in Alternative Formats, Upon Request, in Large Print, Voice, or Braille (Remember the ADA, Folks).
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Need to Have a Marketing Plan
• Do Some PR—The Do the Plan
• Who Will You Target
• Who Will do the Targeting
• How Will You Approach the 3 Groups of Older Adults
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Baby Boomers are Like a Hybrid! They are one foot in print and one foot, they think is in Technology!

• Other Options to Try:
• Local Cable (Seniors Love Cable!)
• Flyers, Posters in Places like Banks, Food Stores, Etc.
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Are There Any Newspapers with a Senior Column?
• Does Your Town have a Blog?
• Hey, Let’s Text Message Those Boomers and See if They Know What to Do
• Develop a MySpace or Facebook Page
• Library’s Web Site
• E-Mail News to Customers
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Some Observations…..

• Seniors Like to “Collect” Things, So Paper is Good
• Have PR Out Far in Advance…..But Not Too Far!
• Have it in a Variety of Formats
• Talk to Seniors in the Library, in the Community
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• ……..
• Develop a Mailing List of Key People in the Community. Let Them Know What’s Going On
• Know the Staff of the Local Paper
• Do a Little “Stand-up” in the Community
• Ask Circulation Staff to “Slip-it-in” Once a Week
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Write a Column for the Local Newspaper
• Work Cooperatively in Publicizing Programs with Senior groups, like AARP, County Area Agency on Aging, etc.
• Develop a “TV Show” for Your Local Cable Station on Senior Programs, Services
• Develop Programs in Cooperation With Other Groups—Double the Publicity
Marketing From the Inside--OUT
• Finally,
• Print vs. Non-Print Options
• In Library vs. Out of Library Promotion
• Print Size is IMPORTANT in Flyers/Posters
• Develop PR in Other Languages
• PR is Everyone’s Business! In Fact, it is the Library’s Business!

Multi-District Workshop, Part 4: Technology

Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Multi-District Workshop

Presented by
Allan M. Kleiman
September 9, 2009
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Why am I Interested
 What is my Experience
 Share What I Have Learned
 Become a Catalyst: How Can You Get Seniors in Your Library Involved in Social Networking!!!
Libraries, Older Adults &
 What is Your Definition of “Technology?”
Libraries, Older Adults &
 Computer Training & Older Adults
 Social Networking, Blogging
 Adaptive Equipment
 Gaming
 Let’s Wii!
Libraries, Older Adults &
 Who is Doing Computer Training?
 Here are some options for you!
Libraries, Older Adults &
 Generations Online
Libraries, Older Adults &
Libraries, Older Adults &
 Big Screen Live
Libraries, Older Adults &
Libraries, Older Adults &
 AARP Older Wiser Wired
Libraries, Older Adults &
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Pew Internet & American Life----
 22% of Seniors 65 and Older use the Internet
 11% of MySpace Users Are Over 55!
 Blogging for Older Adults—Has Replaced Creative Writing and Life Review
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Think—MySpace, Facebook, etc.
 Place on the Net—Community Location
 Place to Exchange Ideas
 Show Who You Really Are!
 Opportunity to Meet People From Throughout the World
 Develop Friendships
Garying of the Internet
 Most Part Community Sites are Positive
 Opportunity for Older Adults Who Are Lonely, Isolated to Meet Other People And Share
 Interactive (Really Interactive)
 Become Your “Center” on the Internet, Your Place to Be! Where You belong—Where You Feel Comfortable!
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology

Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology

Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Eons
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 New Search Engine—It’s not crabby, it’s

Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 What’s New—
, launching June 2007, mission is to help baby boomers and their aging parents deal with the challenges and opportunities of aging by providing the most useful thought-provoking and trusted information available anywhere,
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Have You Seen Ads for Boomertowne?
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Who Here Blogs?
 Who Reads Blogs?
 Do Older Adults Blog? You Bet They Do!
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Blogs
 Senior Bloggers were interviewed by AP and said that the benefits for them of blogging were:
 Senior blogs help older adults keep their minds sharp
 Senior blogs keep the authors up on current events

Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 Senior blogs are a great way to meet people from throughout the world
 It’s easy to share life experiences, wisdom and information through senior blogs
 In some cases, senior blogs give the authors a bit of fame and recognition for their efforts
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 3 Percent of online seniors in the U.S. have created a blog, and 17% have read someone else’s blog
 22 percent of Americans aged 65 and older use the Internet. That’s 1 in 5!
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 The Ageless Project
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
Libraries, Older Adults & Technology
 It’s not MySpace Yet! But Who Knows what’s next for Seniors Online, Senior Blogs, Seniors and the Internet
 Online Communities for Seniors are Growing and are here to stay!
Libraries, Older Adults &
 Low Tech/High Tech Visually/Hearing Impaired
 Sheets from Demco
 What Equipment Does Your Library Have?

Libraries, Older Adults &
 Gaming & Older Adults

 How Many of Your Are Gaming @ Your Library
 Teens? Children? Adults? Older Adults?

Libraries, Older Adults &
 Resource:

 Libgaming (Google Group)

Libraries, Older Adults &
 Trace Steps
 Last June 2007, ALA Conference
 Internet Librarian, October 2007
 First Gaming Day with Teens, November 2007
 Monthly Gaming (Part of Friday Programs)
 Now Doing Gaming for ALL Ages

Libraries, Older Adults &
 Open Gaming
 Most Popular Game=Wii Bowling
 New Game, Wii Fitness? Maybe
 What’s Next?
 Summer
 Seniors Teaching Seniors
 Senior Center vs. Library

Libraries, Older Adults &
 Some Other Ideas?????

 Classes in Digital Photography
 How to Use an MP3/IPOD
 Downloading Audio Books
 How to Use a Cell Phone
 Second Life
Libraries, Older Adults &
 In Conclusion:

 Got Some Food for Thought
 New Ideas, Suggestions
 Go Home and Look at These Sites
 Purchase Low Tech Equipment
 Get Involved and Wii

Libraries, Older Adults &
 For More Information:

 (

Libraries, Older Adults &
 Senior Friendly Libraries Blog

Libraries, Older Adults &

Libraries, Older Adults &

Libraries, Older Adults &

Libraries, Older Adults &

 Thank You

 Allan M. Kleiman


 732-738-5181

Multi-District Workshop Part 2: Senior Spaces

"Senior Spaces"
The Library Place for Baby Boomers, Older Adults & their Families

Multi-District Workshop, September 9, 2009

"Senior Spaces”

 There is a shift in the aging population happening all over the world!
 Opportunity for us not a challenge!
 New Era in Library Service to the Baby Boomers and Older Adults Has Started
“Senior Spaces”
 Welcome to the Old Bridge Public Library
 “Senior Spaces” Project
 Opened on June 8, 2007
 That’s Why You’re All Here—to See What we did, how we did it and how you can do it at your library!

"Senior Spaces”
 Physical Space
 Program Space
 Meeting Space
 Learning Space
 Bookstore Space
 And, More!
"Senior Spaces”
 Why “Senior Spaces”
 Response: Why Not!

 It’s Not a New Concept
 Libraries Have Children’s Rooms, YA Rooms, so….we have a Senior Space

“Senior Spaces”
 We didn’t Create Senior Spaces in a Vacuum—
 We know that the Boomers are Coming at the Same Time Older Adults are Living Longer
 We know that LFF was developing senior spaces to serve the boomers
"Senior Spaces”
 We Wanted to Create a Space to Serve All 3 Generations of Older Adults
 We wanted to Create a Space that Would be Welcoming, Inviting and Comfortable
 We wanted to create a space that would have books and reading at the center
"Senior Spaces”
 We wanted a Space where People Could do Some Self-Paced Learning
 We Wanted a Space Where the Community Could Gather and Chat or Take a Class or Learn to Write Poetry or Just Socialize
 We wanted something on par with our YA Service

“Senior Spaces”
 We wanted to develop a “space” that included a:
 “Physical Space”
 “A Web 2.0/Internet Space”
 “Programming Space”
 “Outreach Space”
 “Laboratory Space”
“Senior Spaces”
 Based Upon What Already Exists
 Savvy Seniors
 Craft Club
 Senior Fridays
 Computer Classes
 Take it to the Next Level
"Senior Spaces”
 So……how did we begin
 Snuck the Concept into our Strategic Plan
 Phase I, Physical Space
 Needed Money????? Maybe!
 But Money is Nice
 Where to Get it?
"Senior Spaces”
 Looked at the Trading Spaces Model
 Regional Library Cooperative, Infolink asked for $$$$$ which we matched
 $10,000 from INFOLINK and $10,000 from the Library
 NJ State Library finally came through on June 8th—with $10,000 more!
"Senior Spaces”
 “Physical Space” How did we start?
 What Did we Have Money to Buy?
 What Furniture Was Still Good?
 “Red” as the “Senior Spaces” Color
 Decided Not to Spend Money on an Architect
 Had to “Blend-in” with the Library
"Senior Spaces”
 Spent Weeks Looking at Library Catalogs, Library Vendors
 Bro-Dart Tables (Wheelchair Height)
 Chairs (Demco)
 Computers (Dell)
 Rocking Chairs (Highsmith, Gaylord)
 Begged, Borrowed & Stole….
"Senior Spaces”
 Layout---
 In My Head—I Knew What I Wanted?
 Had a Physical Space to “Live With”
 Nothing is in Stone!
 Re-arranged “Senior Spaces” 4 Times
 Each Time I Like it Better and Better!
 Is it Perfect? No—Why Should it Be?

"Senior Spaces”
 Developed an Advisory Board!
 Unofficial Board Until September 2007
 Our Craft Club, Savvy Seniors and Senior Fridays acted as Board
 Board Members

“Senior Spaces”
 How Did We Document the Program
 Website by Infolink (Document)
 Website by Library (Current)
 Blog (Current plus Comment)

“Senior Spaces”
 Where we are Now!

 What are our Current Programs?

 Where are we going in the future?

“Senior Spaces”
 Continue all of the above, plus:
 Blogging, Podcasting, Vodcasting
 Second Life
 Woman’s Discussion Group
 Caregivers
 Grandparents as Caregivers
 Second Life
“Senior Spaces”
 Movie Club
 More! Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities Being Developed
 Increased Boomer Programming
 Outreach
 Finally, July 1—Senior Spaces is now part of Adult Services Department
“Senior Spaces”
 So, this is what we’ve done so far
 Shared what’s on the horizon for us

 But what about you? So, h
 Here are some ideas to start?
 ………………………….
“Senior Spaces”
 This is How I Would Start—
 1. Look at Your Library
 2. Can you Re-arrange Furniture to create a definable “space”
 3. Move Large Print Books Near That Space
 4. Place to Develop Seasonal Displays
“Senior Spaces”
 5. Get an Advisory Board Together
 6. Can You Create Some Signage That Indicates That There is a Space for Seniors & Boomers
 7. Bulletin Board to Help Focus on Articles and News of Interest
 8. Purchase Materials
“Senior Spaces”
 9. Gear Technology Training to This Age Group
 10. Plan Programming That Meets the Needs of These Ages
 11. “Identity” in Your Library, Brochures, Newsletters, in Your Service Plan
 12. Get the Community Involved
Senior Spaces”
 So, what ideas do you have to “senior space” your library?
 …..
 …..
 …..
 …..
 …..
“Senior Spaces”
 Putting it All Together
 In conclusion--
"Senior Spaces”
 Libraries need to acknowledge this new exciting challenge that’s coming and get ready and plan for it………..
 So, I presented some ideas--I hope that you begin to think about the demographic changes that are coming and how your library can be a POSITIVE force for the Baby Boomers

"Senior Spaces”
 Enough Words…………….
 Visit Us Anytime on the Web or in Person at:

“Senior Spaces”
 Thank You

 Allan M. Kleiman

Multi-District Workshop Part 3: Programming

Programming: Not Just For the Boomers

Allan M. Kleiman

Multi-District Workshop

September 9, 2009

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Service to 70 Year Old Has Changed

l Started in 1974—70 Seemed Old

l Today 70 is the new 60!

l What This Means is That We Are Programming in a Different Way

Programming: Not Just For the Boomers

l Two Groups That We Are Programming For:

l Mobile, Active Elderly, Regular Library Users

l Non-Mobile, Homebound or Facility Bound

l Currently Approximately 35 Million Older Adults Over 65

l By 2030, Population Will Be 75-78 Million

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Like You to Think About is That we Plan for Current Generation of Older Adults and the Next Generation of Older Adults (Me)!

l Sorry, But You Cannot Stop Time!

l In 20 Years, I’ll be 75—What Can the Library Do For Me! What Can You Plan Now—that can evolve, change, adapt, so that you have a Good Transition

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Idea is: Take an “Old” Idea and Put a New Spin on It!

l Here are Some Suggestions for You to Take Back to Your Library and Start!

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Technology Training

l Basic Computer Training

l Introduction to the Internet

l Safety and Security on the Internet

l Internet Savvy, Medicare Part D

l Buy Tickets on Line

l E-mail, Children & Grandchildren

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Train Senior in “New” Technology

l Digital Photography

l iPods, MP3 Players, E-Books

l Gaming—Wii Festival in Fall, Tournaments

l What Else Can You Think Of?

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Twist:

l Peer-to-Peer Teaching

l Inter-generational Classes

l Boomers Teaching Their Parents (or surrogate parents)

l Get Nursing Home residents, isolated elderly involved. Bed side teaching, teach classes in senior center or nursing home

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Loaning Equipment to Use & Try

l Make iPods Available

l Laptops

l Get Seniors Involved With Social Networking, like Seniornet or Eons

l Show Seniors How to Set-up a Blog!

l WOW!

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Good Programming for Over 70’s Should Include:

l Programs that Engage, are Interactive,

l Allow People to Share, Discuss, Reminisce

l Get People Involved

l Use Their Mental Capacities

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Traditional Ideas, include:

l Film or Book Discussions

l Cultural Programming, Reflecting Different Backgrounds, concentrating around holidays and festivals

l Movement, Basic Exercise, Dance

l Financial Security, Recently Retired

l 2nd Careers, Resumes for Over 70 Group

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Consumer Health

l Local History, Genealogy, “Roots”

l Nostalgia Programming, on Decades, Events, Persons, Places

l “Remembering” BiFolkal Kits

l Old Basics: Creative Writing, Poetry

l Intergenerational Programming, Sharing

l Biggest Draw: Music

Programming: Not Just for Boomers Only

l The Teaching Company, Courses

l “Lifelong Learning”

l Grandparents Raising Grandparents

l Programs on “Coping with Loss”

Programming: Not Just for Boomers Only

l Make Every Program an Event to Remember

l July 6—”The Queen,” starring Helen Mirren

l Display, Royal Memorabilia (Print, Commemoratives)

l Book Display at Program

l Music Playing

l Show Movie (Introduce & Add Questions)

Programming: Not Just for Boomers Only

l Marketing

l Traditional, Print, Local Newspapers

l Flyers, Calendar, Newsletters in Library

l Church Bulletins

l Receipt Printers (as Publicity)

l (Some) E-Mail

Programming: Not Just for Boomers Only

l Senior Spaces (focus)

l 1/6 of our Library devoted to spaces for boomers, older adults, the elderly and their families

l Areas: Special Needs, Front Porch (Rocking Chairs), Bookstore, Listening Area, Living Room and the Center for Creative Learning

l Individual Programming on Demand

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l 70 Year Olds

l Stimulating

l Exciting

l Engaging

l Participating

l Includes, Cultural Diversity

l Traditional Marketing Techniques

l Utilizes the Print resources of the Library

Programming: Not Just for the Boomers

l Thank You

l Allan M. Kleiman





Multi-District Workshop Part I: Introduction

Serving Older Adults: From Large Print Books to Gaming

Allan M. Kleiman

Multi-District Workshop

September 9, 2009

Serving Older Adults

n Good Morning

n Thank You

n Unique Perspective on the Topic

n There is a shift in the Aging population happening all over the world!

n Opportunity for us not a challenge!

Serving Older Adults

n Who in this room is a boomer?

n What does that mean to you?

n How do you look at growing older?

n Different from your Parents? Or Grandparents

Serving Older Adults

n Who are “they?”

n Currently, 35 Million Seniors

n By 2030, 78 Million Seniors, close to 20% of the Population

n That’s 1 in 5

Serving Older Adults

n How do we translate this demographic change into positive library services?

n What are the implications?

n But it is more complicated than that?

n Question the notion that there is such a thing as “library services to older adults”

Serving Older Adults

n What is Library Service to older adults now?

n What should it be in the future?

n Is it on the same par as Children’s Services? Teen Services?

Serving Older Adults

n Basis for Service Today……

n ALA RUSA RSS Guidelines for Library Service to Older Adults (2008)

n Established Broad Principles for Service

Serving Older Adults

n How could you turn around your Library and create such a Service?

n Why do we Have to?

n Can’t we just do the same thing we’ve been doing for the last 100 Years?

n Who Would Know the Difference?

n ------The Boomers Would!!!!!!!

Serving Older Adults

n Boomers have always thought that they can change the world

n Shift of what it means to grow older

n Change in what retirement means

n Change in almost all facets of American Life

Serving Older Adults

n What the Boomers are beginning to do is create a New Life Stage Between Careers and Old Age

n Something that really has not previously happened!

n And everyone in this room is going to be an active participant in the process

Serving Older Adults

n ‘the baby boomers will turn their golden years into an intense time of social activism, volunteerism, and lifelong learning.” “In retirement, the Woodstock generation will still be trying to change the world.”

n (Prime Time by Marc Freedman)

Serving Older Adults

n How will this effect our libraries?

n The Boomers “force” us to look at Library Services to Adults and Older Adults in a different way!

n Now--3 Groups of Older Adults

n 40-60, 60-80, 80-100

n Active vs. Inactive

Serving Older Adults

n Now……we need to create library programs that serve the 3 generations:

n Boomers, Older Adults and the Elderly

n We need to continue what we have been doing plus expand to serve this “new generation!”

Serving Older Adults

n The Boomers give us an opportunity to change the library from a passive entity to one which is a catalyst

n The library will become the center of town in every community--

n to be the place for public debate and discussion

n to allow for individual instruction

n allow for group learning and discovery

Serving Older Adults

n We want to HOOK the Boomers in Now!

n Many have not used the Library in years

n Re-introduce the Library/Services

n We need to get the Boomers Out of Barnes & Noble!

n Boomers are going to redefine retirement and we want our Libraries to be a part of that

Serving Older Adults

n Boomers will be looking for Places for

n Information

n Recreation

n Education

n Socialization

n What Better Place Than Your Library?

Serving Older Adults

n Most difficult Boomer to attract?

n Men or Women?

n Have not used the library very much

n Rarely took the kids to the library

n Bought paperbacks at B&N

n Library collections are women oriented

n Men’s Books are Fewer

Serving Older Adults

n What do the Boomers want?

n Want it NOW!

n Don’t Want to Wait!

n Expect Good Customer Service!

n Can go Elsewhere!

n Are Internet savvy!

n Don’t really need libraries!!!!!!

Serving Older Adults

n …..this post-World War II generation, healthier than their parents, will expect the 21st century library to be a cross between the traditional library, a 24/7 learning center and a community college.

n Allan M. Kleiman

Serving Older Adults

n “Boomers won’t be content with a collection of large-print books, and all the library staff will have to be involved in providing services, not just the Outreach Staff. There will be a new kind of adult and older adults services created to lure the Boomers into Libraries.” Allan M. Kleiman

Serving Older Adults

n “Boomers will expect creative, exciting and stimulating programming and exhibits, enhanced technology, small meeting rooms and large spaces for discussions.” Allan M. Kleiman

n Libraries need to acknowledge this new exciting challenge that’s coming and get ready and plan for it………..

Serving Older Adults

n So this is an opportunity for Revolution

n So this is an opportunity to change

n So this is an opportunity for us to develop a new vision of what growing older is

n So this is a new direction in library services to the baby boomers, older adults and the elderly

Serving Older Adults

n Now, we know all the facts—

n What Can we do?

n What are some ideas to rethink your library and the services that we provide?

n Here are some suggestions-----

Ideas--The Physical Library

n Layout

n Circulation/Self-Check Out

n Coffee/Food/Prune Juice Bar/Teas

n Conversation Areas

n Drive-thru window

n Policies….are they “senior” friendly


n Traditional plus--

n Web based marketing

n E-Mail (not text message)

n RSS Feeds

n Podcasts

n Cell Phones

n Other Technology….we don’t know

Ideas--Marketing, cont.

n Begin Now-----Reaching Out to People at their Workplace

n Begin to borrow ideas from the Boomer Gurus----

n Ken Dychwald,

n Mary Furlong,


n How will they Change?

n Traditional plus

n 24/7 Library

n E-Books (According to Overdrive, Readers are 44 Years old and 70% Women)

n E-Music, E-Video

Ideas--Collections, cont.

n Retirement

n Financial Security

n Travel, Leisure

n Caring for Aging Parents

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Welcome to 2008


Well, I've been a bit slow this past year in writing to this blog. I guess that traveling around the US and Canada presenting workshops on library service to older adults, the baby boomers, "senior spaces," and social networking and older adults--did keep me quite busy.

2007 was a banner year, I feel in Library Services to Older Adults.

The "senior spaces" project at the Old Bridge Public Library has really been the focus of much of my research, in-practice, and workshops for the year. I am sure that many of you have already read the and website. Begin to look at the library's web page at under "senior spaces" for additional material this Spring.

The "senior spaces" project is more than just tables and chairs--it is a shift in philosophy in public library services for older adults. Ten years ago very few libraries had "teen spaces" now that seems the norm. So, too, in ten years will "senior spaces." By then I'll be 66 and ready to use one!

If I just let "senior spaces" be the way that it is now I would feel that I have accomplished much. But there is so much more to do! I am receiving 3-5 e-mails a week from around the world looking for more information about the project. After "preaching" for over 25 years on library services to older adults--there is now a greater interest than ever before. Yes, our "senior spaces" project is interesting and innovative-- it has captivated people's imagination for the future!

For the last several months, I had the idea of introducing the Wii to our seniors. We have done training sessions in both November and December on the Wii. Our prospects are exciting as we begin next month to have the Wii available for open play on Thursdays at the "Senter for Creative Learning and Technology" and also each week before our Senior Fridays programs. What's next? The "Center" will open in February and we will be looking at training our seniors to use Second Life later this Spring.

So, what's in store for me?

I do know that 2008 will be more about writing and sharing and spreading the word about service to older adults than I think I have ever done before. As always, I invite you to join me on that journey as we move forward.

Look for me here, on the other blogs and web pages, and maybe perhaps at a conference near you.

I promise to write more!

Contact me at: or


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Night


It's kind of funny! I thought that when I completed teaching my class on library services to older adults for San Jose State University SLIS, that I would have plenty of time to write this blog.

Guess what?

It's Pre-ALA time. Our Committee has several projects that we are working on at Midwinter. Most notably in trying to complete the 1st draft of the Guidelines for Library Service to Older Adults. It is a major undertaking.

What has happened since the last revision was completed in 1998 and approved in 1999, is that a whole new generation of older adults have emerged. Ten years ago we talked quite alot about the Sandwich Generation. You hear very little of that term today. What you hear more of course, is the term Baby Boomer. The fourth revision of the Guidelines need to reflect the Baby Boomer generation.

I think that there is still quite a bit of ageism in the Library profession. The idea that seniors in their 60s and 70s are still working, having sex, and going to the Library seems to be something out of the twilight zone. But as a Boomer myself just turned 55, I can see that my aging is different from that of my parents. Firstly, I never expect to retire 100%. As long as I can work, I will. I don't want to move to a Retirement Community but rather back to New York City to be in the middle of the world with a chance to do everything. I am even thinking about going back to school.

So, how do we plan for this time of life. I don't know. There are no precise answers. Libraries will have to discover what they will do to serve the Baby Boomers over the next 20 years. And each Library's approach will be different as each Children's Department in every Library is different. One size or one approach does not fit all!

I guess that I am more excited about the Senior Spaces Project at the Old Bridge Public Library then I can really put down in paper. This is going to give me a chance to experiment. I want the room to reflect the 3 generations of older adults and I am not sure how to get that message across at the moment. I was thinking of using 3 different colors or many 3 different styles of furniture. I'm not sure yet. I'll have a better idea after ALA Midwinter. I do know that I want an opening ceremony to be something special and that the kick-off should be in May 2007--Older Americans Month.

To find our more about the Senior Spaces Project, look at the BLOG at: for more details.

Well, it's time to get off the computer and relax. Look through some catalogs and then to

Chat with you soon,

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all of you. This past year 2006 has been a good year for me in the promotion of library service to older adults.

I completed the last of 11 workshops on library service to older adults for the Texas State Library and Archives, presented programs on GLBT Elderly at the New Jersey and New England Library Associations, Chaired a Pre-Conference on Libraries and Older Adults at ALA Annual, and just recently taught a class in library services to older adults for San Jose State University SLIS.

I think that 2007 will be even better!

Already on the schedule is a Pre-conference set for ALA Washington, DC on "libraries, older adults and technology."

At the Old Bridge Public Library we are in the middle of developing our strategic plan which has an emphasis on outreach, diversity and service to older adults. We are working on a "new" idea that you will hear about soon that is a step "backward" and a step "forward" in how libraries will provide services to older adults. We are very excited to be on the cutting edge.

I've had a chance this year to meet dozens of library professionals that understand the growing need to advance the idea of service to older adults. I feel optomistic--more optomistic than I have in a long time.

Come and join us in this movement! Chat with you in 2007!