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Multi-District Workshop Part 2: Senior Spaces

"Senior Spaces"
The Library Place for Baby Boomers, Older Adults & their Families

Multi-District Workshop, September 9, 2009

"Senior Spaces”

 There is a shift in the aging population happening all over the world!
 Opportunity for us not a challenge!
 New Era in Library Service to the Baby Boomers and Older Adults Has Started
“Senior Spaces”
 Welcome to the Old Bridge Public Library
 “Senior Spaces” Project
 Opened on June 8, 2007
 That’s Why You’re All Here—to See What we did, how we did it and how you can do it at your library!

"Senior Spaces”
 Physical Space
 Program Space
 Meeting Space
 Learning Space
 Bookstore Space
 And, More!
"Senior Spaces”
 Why “Senior Spaces”
 Response: Why Not!

 It’s Not a New Concept
 Libraries Have Children’s Rooms, YA Rooms, so….we have a Senior Space

“Senior Spaces”
 We didn’t Create Senior Spaces in a Vacuum—
 We know that the Boomers are Coming at the Same Time Older Adults are Living Longer
 We know that LFF was developing senior spaces to serve the boomers
"Senior Spaces”
 We Wanted to Create a Space to Serve All 3 Generations of Older Adults
 We wanted to Create a Space that Would be Welcoming, Inviting and Comfortable
 We wanted to create a space that would have books and reading at the center
"Senior Spaces”
 We wanted a Space where People Could do Some Self-Paced Learning
 We Wanted a Space Where the Community Could Gather and Chat or Take a Class or Learn to Write Poetry or Just Socialize
 We wanted something on par with our YA Service

“Senior Spaces”
 We wanted to develop a “space” that included a:
 “Physical Space”
 “A Web 2.0/Internet Space”
 “Programming Space”
 “Outreach Space”
 “Laboratory Space”
“Senior Spaces”
 Based Upon What Already Exists
 Savvy Seniors
 Craft Club
 Senior Fridays
 Computer Classes
 Take it to the Next Level
"Senior Spaces”
 So……how did we begin
 Snuck the Concept into our Strategic Plan
 Phase I, Physical Space
 Needed Money????? Maybe!
 But Money is Nice
 Where to Get it?
"Senior Spaces”
 Looked at the Trading Spaces Model
 Regional Library Cooperative, Infolink asked for $$$$$ which we matched
 $10,000 from INFOLINK and $10,000 from the Library
 NJ State Library finally came through on June 8th—with $10,000 more!
"Senior Spaces”
 “Physical Space” How did we start?
 What Did we Have Money to Buy?
 What Furniture Was Still Good?
 “Red” as the “Senior Spaces” Color
 Decided Not to Spend Money on an Architect
 Had to “Blend-in” with the Library
"Senior Spaces”
 Spent Weeks Looking at Library Catalogs, Library Vendors
 Bro-Dart Tables (Wheelchair Height)
 Chairs (Demco)
 Computers (Dell)
 Rocking Chairs (Highsmith, Gaylord)
 Begged, Borrowed & Stole….
"Senior Spaces”
 Layout---
 In My Head—I Knew What I Wanted?
 Had a Physical Space to “Live With”
 Nothing is in Stone!
 Re-arranged “Senior Spaces” 4 Times
 Each Time I Like it Better and Better!
 Is it Perfect? No—Why Should it Be?

"Senior Spaces”
 Developed an Advisory Board!
 Unofficial Board Until September 2007
 Our Craft Club, Savvy Seniors and Senior Fridays acted as Board
 Board Members

“Senior Spaces”
 How Did We Document the Program
 Website by Infolink (Document)
 Website by Library (Current)
 Blog (Current plus Comment)

“Senior Spaces”
 Where we are Now!

 What are our Current Programs?

 Where are we going in the future?

“Senior Spaces”
 Continue all of the above, plus:
 Blogging, Podcasting, Vodcasting
 Second Life
 Woman’s Discussion Group
 Caregivers
 Grandparents as Caregivers
 Second Life
“Senior Spaces”
 Movie Club
 More! Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities Being Developed
 Increased Boomer Programming
 Outreach
 Finally, July 1—Senior Spaces is now part of Adult Services Department
“Senior Spaces”
 So, this is what we’ve done so far
 Shared what’s on the horizon for us

 But what about you? So, h
 Here are some ideas to start?
 ………………………….
“Senior Spaces”
 This is How I Would Start—
 1. Look at Your Library
 2. Can you Re-arrange Furniture to create a definable “space”
 3. Move Large Print Books Near That Space
 4. Place to Develop Seasonal Displays
“Senior Spaces”
 5. Get an Advisory Board Together
 6. Can You Create Some Signage That Indicates That There is a Space for Seniors & Boomers
 7. Bulletin Board to Help Focus on Articles and News of Interest
 8. Purchase Materials
“Senior Spaces”
 9. Gear Technology Training to This Age Group
 10. Plan Programming That Meets the Needs of These Ages
 11. “Identity” in Your Library, Brochures, Newsletters, in Your Service Plan
 12. Get the Community Involved
Senior Spaces”
 So, what ideas do you have to “senior space” your library?
 …..
 …..
 …..
 …..
 …..
“Senior Spaces”
 Putting it All Together
 In conclusion--
"Senior Spaces”
 Libraries need to acknowledge this new exciting challenge that’s coming and get ready and plan for it………..
 So, I presented some ideas--I hope that you begin to think about the demographic changes that are coming and how your library can be a POSITIVE force for the Baby Boomers

"Senior Spaces”
 Enough Words…………….
 Visit Us Anytime on the Web or in Person at:

“Senior Spaces”
 Thank You

 Allan M. Kleiman

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